We create a "better way"

It is long term, close relationships and teamwork with our clients that sets us apart. Our comprehensive and unique service package will save you money while providing convenience, quality and NIST trace-ability.

We began in 1995 by recognizing an opportunity to create a "better way" and meet the calibration needs of a "tough" customer. In the healthcare industry, Clinical Laboratory Directors, Managers and QA professionals face incredibly challenging quality demands. Of course, CLIA, CAP and FDA requirements don’t permit clinical laboratory QA professionals to make excuses for non-compliance caused by poor vender service! So when it came to the calibration and NIST trace-ability of laboratory instrumentation, a "better way" had to be created.

With budgets tightening and quality requirements increasing, we understood the need to be less expensive, more convenient and provide faster turnaround! We understood the importance placed on complying with NCCLS, CLIA and CAP requirements. We recognized the costs and inconvenience involved in order to meet these requirements. So we built our business in a way that would make their business easier. Customers choose us because we find the "better way".









Sure, you can send your equipment half way across the country, but why? We are right here in central PA. There is no one that can serve you better.

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