• Cleaning & simple, quick repairs.
  • Calibration to either the manufacturers spec or your unique specification.
  • Certification and traceability to US national standards located at NIST.
  • Application of the relevant calibration label.
  • Calyx Metrology Calibration Certificate and results.
  • "Sealing for Integrity" labels, limited use labels if applicable.
  • Observation reports if applicable.
  • Protective packaging of your units prior to delivery to your site.
  • Rapid emergency turnaround for individual items, if necessary.

Repair Capabilities

Calyx Metrology is staffed by trained and experienced technicians capable of performing repairs down to component level for a wide range of equipment.

We provide:

  • Free cost estimates.
  • "Stat" service.
  • 90 day electronics guarantee, 60 day mechanical guarantee.



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Biomedical Devices

Physical Measuring Devices

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Sure, you can send your equipment half way across the country, but why? We are right here in central PA. There is no one that can serve you better.

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