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If you’re lucky enough to be a company in central Pennsylvania, you now have an opportunity to select a business partner who can conveniently and cost effectively serve as your "in house" calibration technician.

Our technicians will be there when you need them. As in the real estate world…it’s location, location, location. And "location" in the calibration business translates into opportunities for cost reductions, added convenience, quality and the ability to develop a business relationship with a "neighbor". Yes, a neighbor…one that understands your community and has a concerned interest in the success of your business.

Are you from outside of the central PA area? If so, our processes are designed to make your business easier. You may be interested in our convenient onsite capabilities or pickup and delivery services. If you currently ship instruments to a cal lab, we have unique strategies for cost reductions, increased convenience and faster turnaround. Our business started in order to serve customers like you…we’ll create the "better way".



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Calyx Metrology has established a reputation as being trustworthy and reliable. You’ll feel empowered by our approach to customer service. We’re someone with whom you can establish a mutually beneficial long term relationship. .

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