Specializing in the Calibration & Service of Test Equipment Used by HTMs Worldwide

Service success isn’t necessarily the result of a breakthrough innovation…but from careful observation, thoughtful communication, extensive preparation and focused execution. Calyx Metrology (CML) has innovated the dated process of on-site biomedical test equipment calibration! The CML service delivery model is designed, and proven, to ensure the entire calibration process is precisely executed! CML legally certifies the accuracy of your mission critical patient care equipment and eliminates the time-consuming inconveniences associated with your traditional Healthcare Technology Management equipment calibrations.

Baseball Hall of Famer Willie Mays once said, “It’s not hard to be good some of the time. What’s hard is to be good every time.” Our team at CML is mindful of the observation of the “Say Hey Kid”. We strive to add value, to “be good” every time. But it’s not relevant what we say is valuable; it’s what our current clients perceive to be our exceptional value. CML is the trusted provider of choice for future-focused HTM departments. We work with over half of the hospitals on the Forbes list of 100 best hospitals throughout the Mid-Atlantic states, Ohio Valley and New England.




Choose Calyx for…

  • NIST traceable calibration with full documentation
  • ISO compliant calibration • On-site capabilities
  • Calibration system management program
  • Electronics repair services
  • Convenient Central Pennsylvania laboratory
  • Cost-effective, convenient service