Comprehensive On-Site Calibration

During these days of uncertainty, it’s sage judgement to ensure valuable, mission critical HTM test equipment is 100% accessible. Otherwise, organizations may experience countless inefficiencies, which can lead to frustrating delays, damaged or lost equipment. The CML service delivery model is designed to eliminate these frustrations. We’ve solved the challenges of providing comprehensive on-site test equipment calibration. Healthcare technology is constantly evolving, and so are our calibration services. We analyze the measurement requirements for each instrument and deliver precise calibration at your location. Forward thinking HTM departments have embraced on-site calibration of mission critical equipment as the preferred and accepted best practice.

    Our comprehensive on-site capabilities include:

    • Ventilator & Anesthesia Analyzers
    • Air Flow Rotameters
    • Mesa 90DX Dialysis Meters
    • Phototherapy Radiometers
    • Infusion Device Analyzers
    • Infrared Thermometers
    • Fluke Biomedical INCU II Incubator Analyzer
    • Exergen Temporal Scanner
    • Hygrometers (Relative Humidity/Temperature Meters)
    • Torque Screwdrivers
    • Smiths Medical/Level One HTLA-40 Temp Check Thermometers
    • Sound Level Meters
    • Medivance 740-00 Temperature Calibration Unit
    • Gaymar TPT-9 Flow Analyzer